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Author uses life experiences to guide business owners into financial, personal profitability

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MIAMI – In the midst of a rapidly evolving climate, business owners are struggling to keep up with the latest trends while still attempting to grasp the basic concepts of doing business online. As e-commerce continues to outgrow all other U.S. economic activity (the U.S. Census Bureau), more than 60 percent of executives report feeling stressed when it comes to keeping up with the e-business boom (Business Week).

As a result, three-time author and IT expert, K.L. Graham is providing business owners with a simple, and less-stressful, solution for attaining and maintaining e-business success. On Dec. 4, Graham announced the release of the acclaimed book: “E-Business Success: Using Technology to Take Your Business to the Next Level.”

With the rapid changes in technology we all need a guide. Graham’s book will help you sort through the critical issues and offer you a road map for success. Don’t just read the book use it!” said award-winning, small-business coach Andrew Morrison, president/CEO of the Small Business Camp.

“E-Business Success” features something for every type of business owner. Through providing basic principles, best practices, tips to remember and real-world examples, Graham’s words enable readers to create an e-business structure that operates effectively and efficiently 24/7.

In layman’s terms, Graham uses her 15 years of experience as a certified webmaster and a small business owner to teach proprietors how to improve the profitability of their e-businesses from A to Z. Featured topics includes: streamlining business processes, delegating responsibility, search engine optimization and e-marketing strategies.

The book also teaches business owners how to avoid failed mobile sites, select the right domain names and webmasters, and how to go green by creating a paperless office.

“Your e-business is not going to work itself; you have to make it work for you. It’s not just about creating an effectual website, but it is also about what you are going to do when you achieve the desired traffic for your business,” Graham said.

“E-business Success” also provides instruction on building a website on a shoestring-budget, how to make your website “sticky,” and how to win a potential customer’s attention in just three clicks of a mouse.

According to Graham, the 106-page book is being offered at an affordable $10.99 to ensure all business owners, and those aspiring to delve into e-business, can obtain access to the wealth of knowledge presented in the book.

“E-business Success” is available at, and It will debut in e-book format on Kindle in 2013 and is already receiving raved reviews from business owners around the country.

“This book has a great balance between both the technical and the people side of running a small business. I found many helpful tidbits that were practical and easy to understand. I’d recommend this guide for anyone wanting to find affordable ways to use technology to start a new business or enhance an existing one,” said Jacquetta Cook, MBA, freelance consultant.

Over the course of her career in information technology, Graham has helped hundreds of business owners successfully setup and maintain their company’s web presence. In the book, she reveals strategies that have brought success to her own business and have impacted her clients beyond the virtual realm. These include: work-family balance, how to keep personal space separate from business space when working from home, and business ethics.

“Most importantly, do not get so caught up in your business that life not only passes you by, but you do not take time to relax and do things you enjoy. Maintaining a good balance helps reduce stress and allows for a more productive use of your time and energy,” writes Graham.

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About the author:

K.L. Graham resides in Miami, Florida and is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. Graham is a 1995 graduate of Florida A&M University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a minor in business administration. She received her webmaster’s certification in 2003 from Florida State University. Graham is the owner and operator of and

Her previous written works include: “10 Ways to Build a Quality Website” (2003) and “E-Business Success for the New Millennium” (2005). As an author, IT expert and business owner, Graham’s personal mission is to ensure business owners have access to high quality web services  at a reasonable price, to show others how to see clients as people and not dollar signs, and to use the growing field of technology to help organizations and businesses achieve success.

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