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Building a Web Site on a Budget

Building a Web Site on a Budget

In today’s business world, having a web site is mandatory. It is your virtual business card and brochure that can help attract and retain more customers. For new or small business owners the thought of investing in a web site can be a little overwhelming as there is a misconceptionRead the Rest…

Is Your Web Site Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Web Site Mobile Friendly?

With the increase in the purchase and use of mobile devices (i.e. smart phones, tablet PCs, etc.), people are accessing the Internet and web sites more through these devices than through desktop and laptop computers.  This fact emphasizes the importance of making sure your web site has responsive design. ResponsiveRead the Rest…

Family – Business Balance Tips


When starting or maintaining a business, a support system is fundamental.  This support system can come in the form of other business colleagues, friends, and especially family.  In life our families are our first support system, whether they are related by blood or adopted/community family.  This support system serves asRead the Rest…

Customer Service – The Foundation of Your Business

customer service sign

One of the most important business activities next to providing products and/or services is customer service.  When your marketing efforts result in new customers, it is your job to retain them and get them to refer others to your business.  It is a known fact that it is much easierRead the Rest…

Get Noticed and Get More Customers with E-Newsletters

E-marketing Strategies

E-Newsletters (electronic/digital newsletters) are a good way to get noticed and regularly keep in touch with your customers or web site visitors.  You can use your e-newsletter to: Announce sales or discounts Post upcoming events Announce updates to your web site or business offerings List articles relevant to your business,Read the Rest…

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